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This is what some of Sara's students say about her class. See how yoga has changed and enriched their lives. Let your voice be heard....how has yoga changed you? Write to this community based page at community@sarabaird.com with your thoughts and insights.

"Sara Baird is a nurturing, patient and generous person and teacher who inspires me to explore myself and my world through Yoga. No matter what the circumstances, she maintains a consistent and high level of spirit and attention to her teaching that makes each student in her class feel as though she were speaking directly and only to them. For me Yoga is Sara."
 -Irene Z.

"Starting to practice Yoga at age 54 is a huge challenge. While I struggle, Sara has been inspiring, supporting and encouraging. Her clarity and enthusiasm make every practice a unique and rewarding experience."
 -Naomi A.

"Through yoga, Sara has taught me the importance of physical, intellectual, and spiritual balance in my life, while continually challenging and motivating me. But most importantly, she has taught me to live with compassion for myself and for others."
 -Rebekka E.

"Sara is an excellent instructor who teaches great classes."
 -Rafael J.

"Even though I live in New Jersey, I try to come into the City every week to get my yoga fix with Sara. Sara is an incredibly gifted yoga practitioner and teacher, and her joy for life is really catching. She is one of the best-kept secrets in New York. Shhhh!"
 -Miriama Y.

"Sara creates a compassionate atmosphere within which to explore the practice of yoga. Since beginning my yoga practice with Sara not only have I become more toned and flexible but I have also lost 9 pounds. She's the best!"
 -Heather H.

"Sara is a natural teacher and a constant inspiration. Her compassion and sense of humor create a relaxed and enjoyable environment in which to learn. My hatha yoga practice has positively affected both my physical and mental well-being, and Sara's enthusiasm and warmth motivate me to integrate yoga into my often-hectic schedule."
 -Dora S.



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