Sara's Personal Statement

Hatha Yoga offers a bounty of gifts that bring joy and peace into our daily lives. A dedicated practice will heighten one's connection to the body, mind, and spirit and begin to unify the individual self with life's boundless energy.

The practice of Hatha Yoga nurtures and builds a profound relationship with one's inner self and enhances the understanding our true nature. As the physical body grows strong and supple, it is surprising how the same growth occurs within our mental and spiritual selves. As control and clarity develop in the mind and body, this will guide us through life with ease and grace.

In my personal yoga practice, I have found a new sense of freedom and adventure. This has translated beautifully by bringing me closer to the way I want to move through my life. I am honored to be a yoga teacher and my intention is to share the abundance of rich gifts that yoga has to offer with every student.

I believe that the practice of Hatha Yoga reveals the true goodness that resides within us all and will support and nurture us on our lifelong journey.

Namaste (I honor the divine goodness within you),

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